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The Trip to Assynt — March 15, 2016

The Trip to Assynt


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First Commission — April 25, 2015

First Commission

  So, what to say about the experience of making something on commission?

This has been a steep learning curve as the customer had a completely differerent idea of what she wanted than I first thought. I assumed that my piece of work that she had seen before was the kind of thing she wanted me to do for her. Fortunately I sent some photos in the planning stage so was able to modify my artwork. I had to curb my artistic inclinations and go with the brief.

The best thing about doing this was that I had to see it through to completion. My worst foible is getting started with a project and getting sidetracked before it is finished so this was good discipline for me. It took me much longer than we had budgeted for, but hey, it was my first go at this and fortunately I have another job which pays the bills! 


Bread & Roses — March 22, 2015

Bread & Roses

´╗┐Another piece inspired by the work of Elizabeth Hilaire Nelson’s collage work.

I made this for a friend who has an artisan bakery business based in Northumberland. Andy specialises in sourdough and rye breads and makes some very fine loaves. His business is called Bread and Roses, named after the textile workers’ rights movement in the US during the 1920s. I made this for his big birthday, and he is now using it as his sign when he goes to the fortnightly farmers’ market at Hexham. I wasn’t expecting it to be used outdoors so I have given it an extra coat of acrylic varnish to withstand the north east weather.

Paint & paper collage — January 17, 2015

Paint & paper collage

I have been inspired by the facebook posts of Elizabeth St Hilaire Nelson, a collage artist based in Florida, USA. She has a website at and I bought her PDF instructions to follow her method of working. This is my first effort based on a Christmas card photo.